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Club Members: This page is in the process of being updated. -

As at July 11, 2016 the membership is listed as:

Paige Alvin
Rita Ashton
Tom Ashton
Patti Carlson
Ray Carlson
Brian Cook
Jennifer Cook
Fuzzy Davy
Fran Drake
Henry Drake
Mike Duker
Barbara Dunn
Brenda Dunn
Danny Dunn
Earl Dunn
Irene Dunn
Ron Dunn
Betsy Faraci
Vince Faraci
Marvin Fowlkes
Joe Harner
Mary Harner
Carolyn Harris
Robert Harris
Ann Johnston
George Johnston
Frank Loverde
Edith Maddux
Layon Maddux
Sandy Marion
Wesley Marion
Maurice Maxwell
Rebecca Maxwell
David Miller
Kitty Miller
Bill Morgan
Mary Jane Morgan
Gary Paris
Lynn Paris
Sissy Paris
Wayne Paris
Dan Pempel
Nancy Pempel
Roscoe Reavis
Jim Robison
Marjorie Robison
Cecil Scott
Becca Shelton
Terry Shelton
Tim Shelton
Linda Smith
Mel Smith
Jerry Smith
Tom Smith
Gene Southall
Lois Southall
Cathy Trammell
John Trammell
Garland Woodson
Carol Chandler (Charter Member)  

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Vince and Betsy Faraci
1952 Ford Crestline Victoria
1978 Ford F150 Ranger 4x4

Thomas Albanese
1962 Ford Fairlane500

Glento and Marie Allen
1970 GMC Pickup

Dan and Mary Arbaugh
1960 Chev Biscayne

Jack and Maryann Aregood
1966 Cobra

Frank Austin

Sam and Ann Bigelow
1967 Pontiac Grand Pix

Ray Carlson
1972 Chev

Ron and Kathy Carps
1968 Chevelle

Wilkie and Dora Chaffin
1951 Chev' Conv & 1952 Chev' Pickup

Carol Crigger

Barrie and Nancy Cryan
1929 Model A Ford

Robert and Bobby Jean Dame
1965 Ford Galax cony

Henry and Fran Drake
1969 Camaro

Allen and Betty Easter

James W. "Egg" Eggleston
Various cars

Donald Green
1972 Nova

John and Linda Gunther
1974 Impala - 1973 Lemans - 1967 El Dorado

Ralph and Sharon Gutbrodt

Ben Johnson

Kathy Kellam
1931 Auburn 1965 Mustang 1981 VW

Kenneth Kelly
1971 Chrysler Newport

Ramsey King
1968 Ford Fairlane

Maurice and Rebecca Maxwell
1961 Austin Healey 3000 E type 2+2

Walt and Nancy McKay
1966 Pontiac 2+2

Glenn and Layra Moss
1972 MGB

Dan Pempel

Jackie Price
1979 Z28 Camaro

Louis S. Quivers
1940 Ford 2 dr.

Kenneth and Sherry Ragland
1966 Chev C 10

Kate Shorter

Thomas Smith, Jerry Smith
1924 T-model Ford

Marjorie and Jim Robinson
1964 Covair

Gene and Lois Southall
1955 Ford Fairlane - 1974 Dodge 1956 T-bird

Garland Woodson
1989 Ford Mustang

Judy Wooten
1930 Model A

Notice to Club Members:

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