Heart of Virginia Classic Auto Club
Farmville, VA

Club Bylaws


Club Bylaws

bulletArticle 1. The Heart of Virginia Classic Auto Club is a non-profit organization for people who own, drive, or just appreciate antique and classic automobiles and trucks.

bulletArticle 2. There will be no alcohol, drugs, or inappropriate language at any meeting, club event, or sponsored event. In addition, members agree to behave at meetings and events in a way that will reflect favorably on the Heart of Virginia Classic Auto Club. This would include obeying the motor vehicle laws of Virginia.

bulletArticle 3. The Heart of Virginia Classic Auto Club will not be responsible for accidents or other types of injuries, or any economic losses by club members, family members or guests at any meeting, club event, or sponsored event.

bulletArticle 4, The officers of the Heart of Virginia Classic Auto Club will be president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and registered agent. Election of officers will take place in January of each year. In the event that an officer is unwilling or unable to complete the term of office, an election will be held at the next regularly scheduled meeting to choose a replacement to serve for the rest of the year. Generally accepted rules of parliamentary procedure will be followed at all meetings.

bulletArticle 5. Club dues will be $12 per year for each Member or $18 per year for a Family Membership. For Family Memberships, up to two of the adult members (16 years of age or older) of the family will be considered to be Club Members with all rights of any Member. Club dues are prorated upon joining the club and are due on January 1 of each succeeding year. The dues may be increased if a majority of members, by a formal vote, agree that this is necessary. Members who do not pay dues within 90 days of the due date, may be asked to resign from the club or be voted out of the club. In September of each year, members will be reminded of the needed payment of dues.

bulletArticle 6. It is assumed that club members will have general standards of conduct that will not reflect badly upon the Heart of Virginia Classic Auto Club.
        If a member is convicted of a crime or engages in any activity that club members think is unacceptable, then a committee of club members will be chosen to meet and then recommend whether any club action is appropriate.
        Then the entire club membership will vote upon this recommendation. Possible recommendations could be to ask the member to resign from the club, to vote the member out of the club, to give the member a warning, or to take no action.

bulletArticle 7. The Heart of Virginia Classic Auto Club will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or national origin in connection with any of its activities.

bulletAdopted by the members majority vote, at the March 12, 2004 Club Meeting.


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